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Injection Molding Coolers

Air and Water Cooled Heat Exchangers for Hydraulic Oil Cooling


Plastic Injection Molding equipment requires cooling to operate safely and effeciently. Chilled water offers the best cooling media due to its low cost, greatest thermal transfer properties, and generally available in the plant.

Our Brazed Plate Oil Coolers and Shell and Tube Oil Coolers can utilize your chilled water to maintain the most effective oil temperature in your molding application.

If chilled water is not available, our Air Cooled Oil Cooler series can also maintain your desired oil temperature to prolong oil life and extend machinary life.


  Injection Molding Oil Coolers
  Injection Molding Presses
  Hydraulic Oil Cooling
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Duct Heaters

Shell and Tube Cooler:

  High Oil Flow Rate
  Strong Steel Conctruction
  Priced Competetively
  Removable Bonnets for Servicing
  Two or Four Pass Configurations
  Available in CuNi or Stainless Steel Tubes, Cast Iron, Bronze, or S/S Bonnets.

Air Cooled Oil Cooler:

  High Oil Flow Rate
  1PH, 3PH, 575V and No Motor Options
  Fixed and Mobile Applications
  High Performance Aluminum Cooling Assemblies
  Tough, Compact Designs
  Louvered Air Fins for Improved Performance

Brazed Plate Oil Cooler:

  Compact Design
  High Temperatures & Pressures
  316 Stainless Steel Plates
  High Efficiency
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Injection Molding Cooler
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