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Water Cooled: Oil Cooler

Injection Molding Hydraulic Oil Cooler


Overview: Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are the most widely used water cooled hydraulic oil coolers in use today. They offer a wide range of pressure and temperature operations, as well as the ability to operate in higher fouling applications. With the capability to be easily maintained and cleaned, the shell and tube oil cooler oofers many advantages to cooling your hydraulic oil for injection molding and countless other applications.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers encompass many of the same advantages of shell and tube heat exchangers. They have the ability to cool to a closer approach temperature while taking far less space. Brazed Plate heat exchangers are less costly, offer less fouling due to the hight turbitity and higher wall shear stress, and offer a true countercurrent designs.

  Shell and Tube Standard and Optional Features:
  Strong Steel Conctruction
  Priced Competetively
  Removable Bonnets for Servicing
  Two or Four Pass Configurations
  Available in CuNi or Stainless Steel Tubes, Cast Iron, Bronze, or S/S Bonnets.
  Shell and Tube
  Brazed Plate Standard and Optional Features:
  316 Stainless Steel Plates with Copper Brazing
  Compact Footprint
  SAE and NPT Connections Available
  Available with Threaded Studs for Mounting
  Low Cost, Readily Available
  Brazed Plate


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