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Injection Molding Oil Coolers:

Oil Cooling for Injection Molding Hydraulic Oil Systems


Plastic Injection Molding requires many complicated processes to ensure your desired results. One of the most critical components is proper cooling. Chilled water, if available, is the best cooling agent choice due to three advantages: Low cost, greatest thermal transfer properties, and it is generally available in the plant.

Our Shell and Tube and Brazed Plate Oil Coolers can utilize your chilled water to maintain the most effective oil temperature in your molding application.

If chilled water is not available, our Air Cooled series can also maintain your desired oil temperature to ensure the longetivity and maintenance requirements of your molding equipment.


  Blow Molding
  Injection Molding
  Co-Injection Molding
  Hot Runner Solutions




Duct Heaters

Shell and Tube Cooler:

  Removable End Bonnets for Servicing
  Copper Tubes, Cast Iron Bonnets, Steel Tubesheet and Shell Standard
  Two or Four Pass Exchangers
  Steel Shell Connections
  Nitrile Rubber/ Cellulose Fiber Gaskets
  Competetively Priced, Readily Available

Air Cooled Oil Cooler:

  Louvered Air Fins for Improved Performance
  Aluminum Cooler and Fan Hub
  Powder Painted Steel Shroud and Mounting Brackets
  Zinc Plated Steel Fan Guard
  Polypropylene Fan Blades

Brazed Plate Oil Cooler:

  316 Stainless Steel Plates with Copper Brazing
  Compact Footprint
  SAE and NPT Connections Available
  Available with Threaded Studs for Mounting
  Low Cost, Readily Available
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Injection Molding Cooler
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