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Injection Molding Shell and Tube Coolers

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Part Number: C-1036-Two Pass
Model Description: Shell & Tube Two Pass Heat Exchanger
Recommended for Hydraulic Systems up to 55 HP
Shell Diameter: 5 Inches
Tube Length: 36 Inches
Tube Diameter: 3/8"
Surface Area: 24 Sq. Ft. (approximate)

Construction & Materials:

Copper Tubes, Cast Iron Bonnets, Steel Tubesheet and Shell Standard
Brass Baffles
Steel Shell Connections
Nitrile Rubber/ Cellulose Fiber Gaskets
Optional Materials for Tubesheets, Tubes, and End Bonnets Available


Maximum Oil Flow in Shell: 60 GPM
Maximum Water Flow: 75 GPM
Approximately 33 HP of Cooling


Strong Steel Construction
Priced Competitively
Removable Bonnets for Servicing
Available in CuNi or Stainless Steel Tubes
Available with Cast Iron, Bronze, or S/S Bonnets.



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C-1036-Two Pass

C-1036-Two Pass is Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger used to cool hydraulic fluid in Injection and Blow Molding, Extrusion, Co-Injection, and Hot Runner Solutions Equipment.

Note: Picture is an image of a stock unit and may not exactly depict the part number represented on this page.

Two Heat Exchanger Drawings Two Pass Heat Exchanger Drawings
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